Curious Reveries

The Cabinet of Curiosities in Church

As well as work inspired by Sontag, from 2015-2017 I’ve worked with the Re:Collect artists’ collective touring in the West Midlands with the Cabinet of Curiosities – I’ve made text and sound and video based installations in drawers and boxes within a portable wooden cabinet with many hidden spaces. We’ve exhibited in Museums and Castles and churches and used the work to commemorate WWI and in intergenerational participatory workshops (see list here )

Dusting, a video I made for the multi-million pound rebuild of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, was part of a series made for  the launch year in 2014/5,  inspired by Susan Sontag’s Unguided Tour essay, about the way we feel and look at objects from the past. Here’s a taster, from a group show with artists’ collective  Re:Collect in Shrewsbury January 2013 ‘Dusting’ Sue Challis 2012

Video Still ‘Dusting’

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