The Peat Bog Project 2021

Exciting and inspiring art project on Whixhall and Fenn’s Moss in Shropshire – rare raised peat bog, site of significant carbon capture, unique flora and fauna and acidic pools which have preserved lost items and human bodies over 10,000 years ! Working in collaboration with artists Andrew Howe, Kate Johnstone, Sculpture Logic and Australian Kim Goldsmith Mosses and Marshes project and local young people from Wem Youth Club

Sphagnum Moss paper scupltures, watercolour; 1m x 200cms
Storm Cl0uds on Whixall Moss, Spring 2021 Oil pastels on paper, A4
Pet Bog Restoration Whixall Moss 2021 oil pastels on paper A4
Landscape of the Moss, 2021, Screenprint using peat water and print medium
Whixhall Moss Spring 2021 (2) oil pastels and watercolour on paper
Frozen pool Whixall January 2021, collage over oil pastels on paper
Bog body (detail) or wip oils on vinyl
Bog body (detail) wip oils on vinyl