My charges for Community Arts work are based on Artists Newsletter (a-n) AIR recommendations for industry rates –  around £250-£350 a day. These are negotiable, and I am happy to vary my rates through negotiation with commissioners, depending on the nature of the work, location etc. Video editing takes roughly a day for every five minutes of finished video, on top of filming time.

As a Self-Employed freelance worker, I submit my own Income Tax Return. I provide commissioners with budgets, accounts, receipted and transparently calculated costs. I prefer to agree the format for financial accountability in advance of project start as part of each contract. This includes arrangements when I ‘sub-contract’ other artists. I have accounts with a number of art materials suppliers.

I have independently or collaboratively written a number of successful funding bids Heritage Lottery (£450,000), Arts Council (£25,000, £30,500 etc) , Lloyd’s TSB (£2,000), Millennium Award (£1,000 etc) National Lottery Awards for All (£1,000) and I may be happy to work on this with a group seeking funding.

As usual, with all independent freelancers, I require payment within 30 days of my Invoice in order to keep the cash flowing!