Equal opportunities

Equal opportunitiesI am an active campaigner for equality of access and opportunity to the arts and for the celebration of cultural diversity and democracy, choosing to work with projects which express this whenever I can. I will always work actively against discrimination and harassment and view difference as a creative force in society. As part of my own professional development, I seek out experiences, training and information which I believe will help me meet the needs of the diverse communities and partners with confidence and sensitivity.

With extensive experience in teaching and community arts project delivery and management, I am very aware of the law and ethical dimensions of working with others. I try to keep my paperwork and working processes as transparent as possible, looking for permission, negotiation and respect.

Where possible, I aim to create space and possibilities for the development of mutual respect and dignity, – for example, negotiating about venues, access, timing, costs, language, address and content.

Some examples: in 2011 and 2012 I ran free ‘banner making’ workshops in Birmingham for the Million Women Rise campaign for an end to violence against women (see blog  http://www.hybridconsulting.org.uk/blog/creative-futures); in 2011 I supported the Muslim Women’s Network to write a successful bid for funding for arts and video workshops. Since 2010 I have run creative projects in Women’s Refuges in the West Midlands and London.